Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010

Ms. Laurel is back today. She will be with us full time from now on. We are so excited she is back! Ms. Katie's final day is Friday the 19th.

We had a math graph today.

Ms. Laurel ran a special ladybug math center. We roll a dice, and then put an equal number of spots on a ladybug as dots on the dice. This helps us with our number sense and one-to-one counting skills.

Justin showed us the x-ray of his broken arm. We learned that an x-ray is a big camera that can see inside your body. It was fascinating to see Justin's bone INSIDE his body and connect that to the insect exoskeleton we have been learning about. Justin will soon have a hard cast on that will act just like an exoskeleton to protect his arm!

We became acquainted with our new stick bug friend. We took a vote to decide on the name and we voted on Spiderman.

We held Spiderman, felt his exoskeleton, counted his legs (6) and observed his eyes. We were fascinated by his amazing camouflage.

Naomi's mom visited today and helped us play with our walking sticks!

Some of us drew pictures of Spiderman and other insects.

In atelier Tuesday and today, we played with noodles in the sensory table. We honed our fine motor skills as we used tweezers to pick up individual noodles and our math observational skills as we compared the lengths of the noodles.

We also explored in a new insect terrarium. At first, we couldn't see any insects. Some of us thought the bugs were so well camouflaged that we couldn't find them. Other Entomologists thought they were hiding under the wood and soil. As we dug, we found worms, pill bugs, slugs and ants. We studied each insect. Only the ants were insects, the rest were bugs.

In atelier, we started labeling some big bug posters we made. We labeled "Beetle" and all of the beetle's body parts. We write the sounds we hear and use our alphabet sheets to remind us of how to write our letters.

This afternoon we practiced our writing on the whiteboards.

Remember: Conferences are next week!

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