Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st, 2009

Blog Manager:
"We played outside. And with friends. We read all about bread. We ate different kinds (of bread). They tasted good. The every kind was my favorite. We played with toys. We read about the little red hen and her friends. They wouldn't help make the bread 'cause they don't wanted to. I thought it wasn't fair that they didn't get to eat all of the bread." -Sam Mc.

Today we continued our bread unit. This week, we are focusing on the process of making bread. To stimulate interest in bread, we held a bread investigation. We tried different types of bread.

We tried pita, which was flat like tortillas.

We tried fluffy croissants!

Everyone loved muffins!

When we tried the different breads, we reflected on whether we liked it or not and why. We also made alot of observations, like the rye crisps had seeds and holes, the tortillas were chewey. Some of us thought croissants tasted like cheese, others thought they tasted like butter!

We also experimented with wheat berries (seeds) in the atelier. We knew from our books that flour came from wheat berries, but we weren't sure how bakers turned the bumpy seeds to smooth flour. We thought maybe we could crush them, so we used mortar and pedestals to smash wheat berries to flour. It was really hard work! We didn't get very far, so we are going to keep working together until we make flour!

We noticed that the wheat berries got softer as we crushed them.

We noticed that as we crushed the berries, they slowly changed color from brown to white!

On Thursday, we will reflect on our favorite type of bread and make a math graph showing our favorite types of bread!

Calling all families! Do you have bakery items or clothes we can use in creative play? We are looking for muffin tins, loaf pans, mixing spoons, rubber spatulas, bowls, rolling pins, measuring cups and spoons, chef hats, aprons, etc. We would also love old cookbooks (especially bread cookbooks!), cooking magazines, and recipe cards to put in our library and reading center! If you have these items you would be willing to donate or let us borrow, please bring them in!


  1. Jacob Zook FriesenDecember 1, 2009 at 3:46 PM

    I'm not going to be at school on Thursday, but my vote for favorite bread is the muffins. I will be in MD for awhile. See you when I get back.


  2. Dear Dolphins,

    I can't wait to make more bread on Thursday.


  3. Dear Jacob,
    We are going to miss you so much! I will add your graph person to the math graph on Thursday so you are counted! Have fun on your trip and send us a postcard!

    Love, Ms. Katie

  4. Dear Ty,
    It will be fun making our bread graph on Thursday, won't it? Which bread was your favorite? We will start making our own bread next week! Have a good day off and I'll see you Thursday!

    Love, Ms. Katie

  5. Dear Dolphins,
    I got a shot and didn't even cry. I like the muffins the best. I like making bread. I'll be there again.Where a coat it's going to be cold, wear a big jacket.

  6. Dear Jelani,

    We had a great day and we played in a big volcanoe with a freesbe inside. We played with Leo and everybody played with friends. We played and we jumped over a big castle. Yes, it was cold and we wore our coats.