Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30th, 2009

Today we continued our bread unit. This week, we are focusing on the process of making bread. To stimulate interest in bread, we held a bread investigation. We tried different types of bread.

We tried rye crisps.

Pita bread.





When we tried the different breads, we reflected on whether we liked it or not and why. If we liked it, we marked a smiley face on our "Bread Investigation Table." If we didn't like it, we circled a sad face on our table.

Most of us liked ALL of the breads!

Later in the day, we revisited our Bread Investigation Tables, and made a graph representing our favorite breads. We took turns putting our new Magnificent Mathematician graph dolls up on our graph with each Mathematician putting their doll in the column representing their favorite bread.

We observed our graph and realized that 10 people chose muffins as their favorite bread! The muffin column was taller/had the most kids choose it. We also noticed that one person each chose pita, tortilla and rye crisp. Two Mathematicians chose croissants as their favorite bread! We will continue to observe and reflect on our bread graph during this next week!


  1. I like muffins. It's so yummy in my tummy too. I eat croissants. It's my favorite.

    - Aliyah

  2. Dear Dolphins,
    It looks like you had a wonderful time tasting different kinds of bread on Monday!
    You may notice that I fixed the damaged playhouse yesterday. I am glad that everyone will again be able to have fun in it. Please remember to treat it gently so that we will be able to play in it for a long time.
    Thank You,

    Mr. Mark

  3. Dear Mr. Mark,
    Three of the bad kids broke the playhouse but Mr. Mark fixed it. If we see people kicking the playhouse we will say, "Please not kick it."

    Dear Mr. Mark,
    The playhouse is fixed, I noticed it. If I see someone kicking the playhouse, I'll say "Stop." Thanks for fixing the playhouse, Mr. Mark. -Bethany

    Mr. Mark,
    We are not going to kick the playhouse. We can now pretend to play house and be outside. Thank you for fixing the playhouse.

    Mr. Mark,
    Thank you for fixing the play structure/house. Thank you alot. Thank you for making our huge playstructure. We will never break that house again. And we'll never ever break the playstructure again. If we see someone break the playhouse we'll stay "Stop," and tell the teacher. If it breaks again we should close it up and close the broken piece up. Instead of kicking it, we will play in it and sell stuff to somebody. And if it gets broken, we'll close that broken stuff up and tape it up.

    Orion, Everett and Jacob

    Dear Mr. Mark,
    Thank you.
    -Zenzo and Kael