Friday, November 6, 2009


Hey all! This is Ms. Katie, taking over for Ms. Laurel as she takes time off to enjoy her new baby! We will miss you Ms. Laurel. See you in March!

We had a great first day. Ms. Pam had the day off today, so Ms. Kelsey and I enjoyed getting to know the Monday/Wednesday/Friday students together. We learned new songs, practiced new routines and explored LOTS of books and questions about babies! We discussed why Ms. Laurel had to leave (to care for her new baby!), why the new baby couldn't come visit us right away (babies get sick easily!), and when our beloved teacher will be back.

I ask all Dolphin families to bear with me as I begin this new blog, find and figure out the camera, and learn the workings of the Dolphin classroom. I promise, pictures and regular updates will begin hopefully by Monday!

I look forward to getting to know all of you more as the weeks progress!

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