Friday, November 20, 2009

November, 20th 2009

Today we made Stone Soup! We first observed our vegetables. We noticed how bright the vegetables were. We noticed that the tomatoes were round smooth, and the carrots were long, skinny and rough. Some of us cut onions, and those hurt our noses.

We practiced cutting potatoes carefully so we wouldn't cut our fingers.

It took alot of persistence to chop some of the veggies. We kept at it, even though it was difficult.

We practiced scraping off our chopped veggies into the bowl using our knives, just like real chefs.

After we cut up our vegetables, we took turns adding them to our crock pot. We used our big muscles to scoop the heavy veggies and pasta from the bowl to the pot. We also added the stone and milk. As we added our veggies we sang, "Bring what you've got! Put it in the pot! We're making stone soup!"

We didn't believe Ms. Katie would put a real rock in the soup (we thought it was a potato!), so we took turns feeling the stone before we dropped it in the pot.

After rest time, we tasted our Stone Soup. Most of us didn't like it. Some of us ate our whole bowl. Here we are trying our soup.

We walked carefully to the tables carrying our soup.

We blew on the soup because it was too hot.

Next week, we'll start learning about bread and make something special for Thanksgiving!

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