Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wrapping Up Fall and Forests

Hello parents! Did you notice the new newsletter in your school mail box today (Monday and Tuesday)? In the right hand column, I offered some extension activities for you to try with your budding scientist at home should you be searching for a way to reinforce classroom learning! Here are links to the sites I suggested. Each time I offer links in the newsletter, I will try to also provide them on the blog, as to make it easier for you to navigate.

Find forest or fall links that your child loved?! Please post them under comments! Thanks so much!

Arbor Day site - Tree Identification
Bill Nye the Science Guy Video on Forests - Scroll down to where it says "Forest Video 1/3." There are three parts to this video. (P.S. Don't fret if Bill Nye doesn't hold your child's rapt attention. It is a tad bit challenging for preschoolers, but I thought some might enjoy it! Let me know if videos like this are beneficial or not!)

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