Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, November 9th

Today we acted as scientists and mathematicians! First, we sorted the many leaves we found on our nature walks. We observed the shape of the leaves and compared them to pictures of different types of leaves found around Oregon.

Does it fit here?

I found a match!

Maple leaf.

Fir leaf.

Each scientist picked a leaf (or several) and sorted it according to leaf identification sheets. We observed how many points the leaves had, whether their sides were bumpy or smooth, and whether they were wide or thin. Here are two videos showing some of some of our decision making and thought processes!

On Friday, we will use our sorted leaves and place them in a pictograph! We hope to figure out the most common type of leaf found around our community!

We also had treasured buddy reading time. We always begin our special time reading and discussing books with our buddies, and then we usually enjoy a different learning activity such as building with the blocks or using puzzles.

We are also writers in the Dolphin classroom! Today, we started using new alphabet sheets to help us write the sounds we hear in the words we write. We have the most wonderful, creative stories, and we are excited to get them down on paper!

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