Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24th, 2009

Blog Manager:
"Art was the best time of the day. We got to do bookmarks. We put them in books. But we didn't use them yet. We painted them with finger paints." -Naomi

Today, we picked our jobs for the week with our new job chart. Some of the jobs remained the same (door holder, bell ringer, etc.) but we also got new jobs to try out. We can now choose chair pusher, clean up manager, line leader and blog manager!

We started our bread unit today! To kick off our learning, we completed a KWL chart on bread. A KWL chart is a chart in which we list everything we Know about bread and What we want to know about bread. At the end of the unit, we will revisit the chart and list all we have Learned about bread.

Here are some examples of things we know about bread:
1. Pizza dough and bread dough are the same.
2. Bread has wheat in it.
3. Sometimes bread has raisens.
4. We use bread for PBJ.
5. Gingerbread babies run away.

Here are some ideas we want to discover about bread:
1. How does bread get fluffy ?
2. How do you make dough?
3. What is in bread?
4. What is sowing?
5. What is threshing?

We can't wait to build on our knowledge and find answers to the questions our KWL chart!

We are Readers in the dolphin classroom. We read books all day, everyday, and real readers often find they need bookmarks to mark their places in books they have not finished. Today, we used fall colors to try out our finger paints on pieces of paper we will later use as bookmarks.

William's mom spent the whole morning with us! She was a big help and we love when parents are able to learn with us!

Next Tuesday, we will finish our bookmarks by writing down one thing we are thankful for on our bookmarks and then laminating them so they will last a long time.

Have a good break! See you next Tuesday!


  1. Dear Mr. Mark,
    We played grizzlies outside and mooses. The plan (for keeping the playhouse safe) is good, but some people sneak in the windows and kick out more boards. The plan isn't working. It makes me feel bad because we can't use the house because it is broken. I have a plan. If we put more tape on the windows so people can't get in the house. If I see someone kicking the board, I will tell them "stop." If they don't, I will ask the teacher to get them off of the house. We are happy. Love, Sam R.

  2. Dear Dolphins,

    I love eating bananas and regular cheese at school. Do you? I had fun making bookmarks. Did everybody get messy today?

    I love teacher.