Friday, April 9, 2010

April 5th-9th

This week we continued to study insects, focusing on butterflies and moths. We completed the last two pages of our butterfly book: the butterfly emerging out of it's chrysalis and the butterfly after it had opened up it's wings. We sang a song about metamorphosis (aka that caterpillar song), which included acting out the song with our bodies. We learned that butterflies and moths are symmetrical and explored this concept by painting symmetrical butterflies. While talking about symmetry, we discovered that we are symmetrical too! On Thursday, we released our Painted Lady Butterflies and our Polythemus Moth outside. We were delighted to see they were still in our Piazza on Friday.

This week we started talking about our outdoor gardening space. We will use our gardening space to plant fruits, vegetables and flowers for everyone to enjoy. In preparation for our gardens, we learned about the benefits of earthworms. We learned they turn dead leaves and plants into rich soil for plants to grow. We examined some earthworms and then released them into our gardens. We have been stirring dead leaves into our gardens for the worms to eat.

Classroom Centers is always a busy place! This week's literacy activities included, using the felt board to act out The Hungry Caterpillar book and making book marks in the Writing Center. A game called Bugs and Boxes was enjoyed by many, which is a fun game that develops verbal and math skills. Students also enjoyed creating stories using the plastic insects, building structures and writing on the white boards.

It is always so wonderful when a student asks if they can help someone accomplish a task. Here, a student decided to assist his teacher clean up after painting. He was incredibly helpful and seemed to take pride in his work!

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