Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 26th-29th

This week we were scientists, documenting what we are seeing and learning through drawing and writing. We were so pleased with our Butterfly Life Cycle books that we decided to create Frog Life Cycle books. We wrote and illustrated the first two phases of a frog's life: egg and tadpole. Every student spends a little (or a lot) of time observing our classroom tadpoles. We are noticing many things about our tadpoles, such as how they eat, swim and grow. Through stories, observations, and discussions, we are becoming experts about our little creatures.

Classroom Centers is a time for students to choose from a variety of learning activities they would like to do. Students are able to work independently, with peers or with a teacher. The Writing Center is designed to encourage literacy development, in addition to the development of fine motor skills and creativity.

During our classroom meetings, we discuss what we would like to add to our classroom habitat mural. We also discuss what types of animals would actually live in the type of habitat. In the Atelier, we painted new things to go on our mural. This week the students decided we needed to add a sun and additional branches and leaves. They also began to paint the animals they want to have live in our habitat mural. The students requested that a picture of the mural be posted on the blog. They are proud of their work so far!

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