Thursday, May 6, 2010

"We did the parachute today. We put balls on it and bounced it. And some people even caught balls right off the parachute like me!" -Jacob and Justin
We continue to learn about animal habitats and animal life cycles. During Centers, students enjoyed playing a sequential animal life cycle memory game. Students also enjoyed using our new animal and habitat games, which requires sorting animals into the correct type of habitat. The students also made a Frog Life Cycle poster, which will be used for reference as we anticipate the next stages our tadpoles will move through. Some of us also wrote stories about being a frog!

The most important part of preschool is the social and emotional development that takes place for every student. Part of this growth includes students learning how to work together and help each other. Here, one student is teaching another student how to navigate through a computer program. This situation provided a learning opportunity for both students and highlights one of the benefits of our mixed-age classroom. One student was getting expert guidance from an older peer and was thus able to accomplish a task he would otherwise have been unable to do. The other student was able to practice patiently giving step-by-step instructions to his peer, without just doing it for him.
On Monday we were invited to go watch Pacific University's Jazz Band practice! We really enjoyed the music they played for us. Afterwards, we were invited to go up on stage and play the musical instruments ourselves. Everyone reported their favorite part of the visit being able to play the musician's instruments.

"We wrapped something that is for Mother's Day but it is a surprise." -Jacob

"We made a present for our moms." -Naomi

Moms: Please don't read any further until after Mother's Day! :)
This week we worked really hard to make special Mother's Day Gifts to give to our moms. We painted and decorated frames to put new pictures of ourselves in. We then made our own wrapping paper using paper and art supplies. We also made cards to give our moms using our best writing and drawing.

Families: We are collecting empty paper towel rolls & small mesh produce bags for upcoming projects. Thank you!

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