Friday, May 21, 2010

May 17th-21st

We were so excited to find that our biggest Pacific Tree Frog tadpole had grown his back legs! As we observe our frogs go through their changes, we are making new pages for our Frog Life Cycle book. This week we created our third page, which is a tadpole with it's back legs. During Centers, we invited the Sharks to come and look at our tadpoles' most recent development. We reminded them of the types of tadpoles we have in our classroom and helped them find the treefrog tadpoles that had grown their back legs. We also helped them find the African Clawed Frog tadpoles and froglets in the other tank.

Our outdoor classroom continues to be a focus of our studies, since we are learning about plants and the plant life cycle. There was an empty planter in the outdoor classroom that was designated to be an annual flower garden. When trying to decide what colors to plant, the students decided we should plant all the colors of the rainbow, so everyone's favorite color would be planted. After making this decision, we painted pictures of a rainbow garden and later planted our rainbow garden. It is beautiful!

Last week we planned and planted our vegetable garden. This week we decided that we better make signs to put near our seedlings and plants so people will know what is growing.

To end the week, we had a fun Eating the Alphabet party! Fruits and Vegetables, starting with different letters were brought in to share. We were able to taste a fruit or vegetable starting with A through Z (minus a few hard to find letters)! Many of us were brave and tasted fruits and vegetables we had never eaten before.

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