Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20th, 2010

Today was Emma's last day at school. She is moving to the Medford area and will be attending a different preschool down there. To celebrate her, we made her a card. We also had cookies at snack time. We will miss her dearly.

We also started working on our environmental print book. Last Friday, we took a walk around the community and stopped and studied each sign we noticed. We looked for letters and numbers we knew, as well as studied the colors and graphics on signs. Here are some pictures from our walk (Everett's mom was volunteering with us and she helped out SO MUCH!).

To reflect on the signs we can read, we are working on making the story of our walk into a class book. Today, we started the illustrations by looking at pictures of the signs we studied and making realistic drawings.

We also had new centers today, including a math counting center, multiple pattern manipulatives to experiment with, and new counting bears.

Outside, we moved our bodies and built our gross motor skills and balance by completing an obstacle course the Sharks invented.

One of our computers is broken. Several of us wrote notes to Mr. Mark asking him to come fix our computer. We sounded out, "Dear Mr. Mark, Our computer is broken. Please come fix it." We delivered our notes to him and he came to fix our computer after school! Writing is so handy and a great way to get our messages across.


  1. Dear Dolphins,

    What a fun nature walk it looks like you had! Being able to recognize signs is so important. They can give us information like what way to turn or where the bathroom is or where we can park. GOOD JOB LEARNING! Signs can also keep us safe! FUN and IMPORTANT!

    Keep learning all you smarty pants!


    Jenny (Che Che's Mom)

  2. hi dolphins it looks like you are having fun! you are lerning a lot! your school is fun! i am che's brother and i am seven years old. is your class having fun? how many experiments do you do a day? do you guys spell yet? are your experiments fun?
    love che's brother,