Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28th, 2010

Blog Manager:
"We painted a burrow. The hardest part was that we had to paint the ground. We knew what a burrow looked like 'cause we had picture of them. We played kitty cat in the playroom. Iris was a kitty cat, too. We hibernated - it felt good. When I woke up I got to eat. It felt good because I slept alot. We got to be animals that were in North and then we went to South. It felt good because we got to be warm."

Today we continued our animals in winter unit.

We completed another graph. We chose which way we would prefer to migrate - either flying, swimming or walking/running. We noticed that two columns (fly and swim) were had the same number of math babies in them. This means the two columns are equal. We also noticed that the largest column (walk/run) had four more babies in it than the fly and swim columns!

In the atelier today, we worked on painting caves and burrows for us to put up in creative play as we plan to be bears, bats and other small hibernating animals. We worked for a whole hour to paint a safe, warm place to practice hibernating! We knew what caves and burrows looked like from books we have read and pictures from the internet.

We played a migration game. First we examined a globe to study the ideas of north and south. We talked about how some animals usually live up North, but migrate south for warmth and to find food more easily.

After we examined the globe, we practiced migrating like different animals. Mr. John showed us pictures and facts about migrating animals, and we acted out their migrations. We started North in one area of the classroom, and walked, swam, flew or crawled to reach South in another corner of the classroom. When we reached our destination, we were able to eat lots of food and bask in the sun.

We are caribou migrating!

We are spiny lobsters crawling!

In Creative Play, we used scenery created by the MWF Dolphin class to reflect on what we know about hibernation and migration. We talked about how it would feel to migrate and hibernate.

A bunch of bears hibernating in their den! They are eating lots of food to fuel up for winter!

A migrating cat.

Hibernating bears.

Furious at Ms. Katie for waking us up from hibernation! This is how a bear would feel if they got woken up from their sleep!

Hibernating in our underground burrow.

We also continued working on our environmental print walk book. Soon we will be published authors!


  1. Wow those bears looked quite ferocious when they woke up. I won't ever wake a hibernating bear!

  2. Dear Deborah,
    They weren't real. It was just kids.