Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9th, 2010

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"We got to have a hibernation party. We got to watch a movie. The movie was about getting food 'cause they didn't have any. They were getting ready for winter. We ate strawberries and raspberries and popcorn. We weared our pajamas. It felt good to hibernate. The hardest part was sleeping." -Naomi

The past two days we have had a hibernation party to practice hibernation. We wore our pajamas and looked so precious!

First, we read books about hibernation and the process of hibernation.

We discussed why animals hibernate:
1. Because it gets too cold in winter.
2. Because they can't find enough food in winter.

We then completed the cycle of hibernation:
1. Animals eat as much food as they can during the spring, summer and fall to store up fat and energy for hibernation. This is called hyperphagia.

We ate berries and popcorn (we pretended we were eating nuts).

Some of us tried to eat like bears and eat without using our hands.

2. Animals then search for or build burrows or dens. This is so they can be protected from the weather and predators.

We used blankets, sleeping bags and pillows to make our burrows and dens.

Three bats gather together for warmth.

3. Animals hibernate. Some animals are true hibernators (meaning they sleep for months straight) and some are not true hibernators and get up and move around and eat a bit.

During hibernation, we watched Over the Hedge. We laughed and laughed!

It was also scary!

4. Animals wake up and then need to find food immediately. They start the cycle all over again, eating to prepare for hibernation.

We ate honeycombs when we awoke from hibernation.

Today, our Tuesday/Thursday class celebrated our class book. We are now authors! Our class book will remain in the library for us to read.

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