Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2010

Today was picture day. We stayed clean all morning and were so adorable when we took our pictures.

Ms. Laurel came today, as well. It was fun to spend center time with her telling her about all we have been learning.

Today we completed a math graph. We answered whether we would rather hibernate or migrate for winter. Our mathematical thinking is becoming more complex everyday. We counted how many were in each column. We noticed that if we added one more math buddy to the hibernate column it would be the same height or "equal" to the migrate column. We are mathematicians!

We also made valentines in the atelier for our parents. We practiced our fine motor skills cutting hearts and putting glue exactly where we wanted it. We also used glitter! We have to practice pouring slowly and purposefully so we don't waste all the glitter.

We practice writing everyday as the opportunity arises. Today we made signs blocking people from bothering Ms. Katie while she did assessments. We are so helpful!

We also made a sign up sheet for the computer. We practiced writing our names in a list so we know who is waiting next for the computer.

Today we got to use the white boards to practice writing letters from our animals in winter word wall. We looked at the first letter in words like "Hibernation" and "Sea Turtle." We then practiced writing the letters on the white board. Some of us are able to make the actual letters and some of us just practice the strokes - all of us are writers!

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