Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11th, 2010

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"We made cookies. We didn't do creative play today. The hardest part of valentines was putting glitter on it." -naomi

"We did happy valentines writing it. We had centers. We had snack. The hardest part of writing the valentines was writing our notes." -hhudson

Today we made valentines for our families. We developed our fine motor skills by cutting and gluing hearts to our cards. We also had to work very hard to shake the glitter on the glue and not use too much - we wanted there to be enough glitter for us all.

We also practiced writing Happy Valentine's Day, Mom, Dad, Love and Family. We practiced copying each word from the board. Recognizing words from our environment and knowing how to copy them is a very important skill for all writers.

Today we read a book about friends who share a batch of cookies. As more friends join, the group has divide the cookies further and further. We talked about how we would handle the problem of dividing a batch of cookies, and how sharing and considering others is a part of valentines day.

After we read the cookie book, we worked together to make our own cookies. We remembered so much from our bread unit! We read the recipe, worked carefully to measure each ingredient accurately, and took turns waiting patiently for our opportunity to help.

After the cookies baked, we sat together and enjoyed our cookies while we talked about what valentines day means to us. Some of us said valentines day means caring, others said sharing, some said thinking about other people. We also had to do some math problem solving to figure out how many cookies we each could have. We figured out that we each could have two cookies, with two cookies left over!

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