Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010

Blog Manager:
"We watched on the map where animals go. We played outside on the play structure. We had music time. We made snowflakes out of paper. The hardest part was cutting the square ones. 'Cause the paper ones were hard and the circle ones were soft and easy. I made Ms. Katie a book. It was hard doing the butterfly." -Naomi

Today we continued our studies of Animals in Winter.

We started by presenting our Migration Mapping homework. Over the weekend, we researched different animals at home and brought in the information about their migration. We took turns sharing our research. We talked about the animal and where it begins and ends its migration. We looked on our globe and plotted on our map the route each animal takes as it migrates.

During centers, we continued to work on our environmental print book. We just write the letters or sounds we hear and stop writing when we don't hear anymore sounds.

In atelier, we cut out snowflakes out of paper and coffee filters. We experimented with different folds and cuts and were always surprised when we opened our folded paper and produced a beautiful snowflake. We are going to use these to decorate creative play and enhance our winter habitat.

We had to work hard and use our fine motor skills. It took persistence to cut through several layers of paper and make many small cuts.

We put ice in the sensory table. We used animals to practice migrating to "warmer" water.


  1. Today at school I learned about animals that migrate. Humpback whales and monarch butterflies migrate. ~Sammy

  2. Dear Sammy,
    You are genius scientist. I am so glad you remember so much about migration. Brilliant! Next week we will learn all about hibernation! See you tomorrow!
    Ms. Katie