Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3, 2010

We continued to add to our migration map. We think that we are starting to need a larger map because of all our research on animals that migrate!

Presenting our research gives us practice standing up in front of others and speaking, which is very, very hard.

We observed a bird's nest today (brought in by James in the T/Th class). At first Ms. Katie hid the nest in a box and we played a guessing game using clues to guess the surprise. We knew it was a home for something that migrated, flew, and had feathers, so eventually we guessed it was a bird's nest!

We made scientific observations about the nest, including that it was made of feathers, hay, grass and mud.

We realized the nest was probably empty because the bird that lived in it had already migrated south for the winter.

Every Wednesday, we have music with Ms. Shelley. Today we used scarves to dance with. We practiced moving slower and faster to the music and folding our scarves. The song we danced to required that we listen carefully and follow the steps to the music, as well as helped us practice hand eye coordination as we tossed up the scarves and caught them.

In atelier, we cut out snowflakes out of paper and coffee filters. We experimented with different folds and cuts and were always surprised when we opened our folded paper and produced a beautiful snowflake. We are going to use these to decorate creative play and enhance our winter habitat.

We had to use our fine motor skills to cut small shapes in the coffee filters. It took persistence!

In creative play, we used animal costumes to migrate and hibernate. Our animal costumes don't exactly look like wild animals (cows and dogs!) but thanks to Jacob's mom, we will have bear, woodchuck, bird, polar bear and turtle costumes to use in our play starting Friday!

Today we used tracing paper to trace pictures of migrators. We will be using our outlines later to experiment with the creation station in the atelier.


  1. What animals have you guys learned about so far that migrate? Do you have a favorite one? Sometimes I wish we as humans could migrate! I love the hot weather.... snow is super fun too though! Keep up the good learning.


    Che Che's Mommy

  2. Dear Che Che's Mom,
    We have learned about bunnies. They don't migrate. Geese migrate. Bears hibernate. Butterflies migrate. My favorite one that migrates in a butterfly.

    Naomi (T/Th class)